MKP South Africa’s history began with the foundation of MKP Group of Companies

MKP South Africa’s history began with the foundation of MKP Group of Companies Malaysia since 1964. In 2008 MKP South Africa was opened, the company has been at the forefront of pioneering South African’s overseas project construction that have contributed tremendously to the corporation’s remarkable economic growth.


Taking great pride in its years of history, MKP South Africa seeks further growth as a global value creator with its outstanding talents, extensive global network and abundant experience in diverse business fields. MKP South Africa has introduced a business strategy to work with the clients to deliver mega and medium construction projects that require finance. Our project funding model works better for private and public infrastructure project. Our funding model is that MKP South Africa must be appointed as the contractor on the project and the financier of the project. Our clients have massive projects that require finance MKP South Africa has a clear solution to finance and deliver any project with a clear Guarantees and payment structured for our clients by MKP South Africa.

MKP South Africa is a growing Corporation with operations in over 23 countries across Africa and Middle East and its now looking to increase its investment business portfolio in Africa and the Middle East by attracting new business investment Partners.


While we continue with the efforts to extend our business, we have turned our attention to attract new Clients and Investment Shareholders through a stable and secured business projects local and abroad, while we maintain our existing Clients through our new corporate business strategies.