High Rise Residential Apartments

Civil Infrastructure

Projects creates new spaces in nature, MKP South Africa civil infrastructure business unit focuses on projects for roads, bridges, tunnels, railroads,ports airports, and hydraulic dams. We are also expanding our scope of operations to include resource development infrastructure, hydroelectric power, and offshore wind power.

Plant Global EPCFM Contractor

Becoming a global leader in value creation. The plant building business is a high value-added business with a wide variety of technologies involved and high spillover effects. MKP South Africa in now becoming a major value creator beyond the level of a simple EPCFM Contractor completing tasks in development planning and plants operations.

Railway Line Construction

Road Construction Projects

Ports And Habour Construction


While we continue with the efforts to extend our business, we have turned our attention to attract new Clients and Investment Shareholders through a stable and secured business projects local and abroad, while we maintain our existing Clients through our new corporate business strategies.