MKP South Africa Business Strategy is to strengthen our project financing investment division to focus on various projects in Public and Private Sector, in Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe and South America.

We’re at the edge to attract strong business partners from various business sectors. Our projects business projections investment with Government and Private Sectors has resulted in MKP increasing its investment budget from USD$1Billion to USD$5Billion and we’re now introducing new business investement partners to save and deliver our clients business demand and increase our shareholders investment returns.

MKP South Africa is looking to engage with various clients in Public and Private sector to archive the vision of our clients with our strong Management Team support to meet the project desired funding budget to implement the project within the negotiated budget and the repayment terms that are clearly to be agreed upon by both parties. MKP South Africa will do the Project funding as an EPCFM (Engineering Procurement Construction Finance and Management).

Most Public and Private Construction Project don’t take off or commence the construction after feasibility studies due to unavailability of funding. We will engage with Clients to discuss a suitable tailor-made funding model that will meet the Clients requirements. Repayment terms and conditions will negotiated within their fiscal budget. We have no budget limitation in project implementation. The bigger the project budget, the more attractive in our corporation.



While we continue with the efforts to extend our business, we have turned our attention to attract new Clients and Investment Shareholders through a stable and secured business projects local and abroad, while we maintain our existing Clients through our new corporate business strategies.