Iron Ore
MKP South Africa trades in commodity and industrial materials, and offers business solutions based on our expertise and global network built over the years. Our key trading items are iron ore, mining chemicals, manganese, coal, diesel, oil and gas and also Petrochemicals, that are diversified into relevant materials from the sales of these key materials. Our goal in trading industrial materials business is to become one of the world’s top trading companies specializing in various commodities by focusing our capabilities on key items as well as process commodities.

MKP South Africa exports, imports and engages in intermediary trade of steel around the world by sourcing various steel products such as cold rolled, hot rolled and stainless steel. We also operate coil centers and precision stainless steel plants to ensure stable growth by expanding value chain that encompasses manufacturing, processing and distribution.


Iron Steel



While we continue with the efforts to extend our business, we have turned our attention to attract new Clients and Investment Shareholders through a stable and secured business projects local and abroad, while we maintain our existing Clients through our new corporate business strategies.